August 11, 2010

Pennsylvania Triangle - The Finale

July 9, 2010--Day 7, the last day of my trip was simply a day at Hershey Park. A day of roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and monorails. A day of actors in candy costumes entertaining smiling children. A day of blueberry/mango smoothies and cinnamon pretzels with fudge dipping sauce from the Fruit Shack in Pioneer Frontier. A day of flopping headlong down waterslides and floating carelessly on the Lazy River at the Boardwalk. A day of strolling through lush animal habitats in Zoo America. A day of delighted screaming as the log flume comes to the bottom of its final drop making a huge splash in Minetown. A day of tinny squeeze-box melodies serenading vividly-painted wooden horses. A day of panoramic views from the Kissing Tower. A day of sea lion antics at the AquaTheater. A day of chugging through tunnels and passing ghost towns on the Dry Gulch Railraod. A day of reaching up and touching the clouds on the Pirate Ship. A day of long grins and short pants. A day of watching day turn into night on the Skyview over Comet Hollow. A day of unforgettable memories...

After my day in the amusement park, I stopped in at Chocolate World for one last trip through the Great American Chocolate Tour (like I said, a trip to Hershey should always begin and end here). As I sat on the ride, I reflected on my vacation--2 days in Philadelphia, 3 days in Washington DC, and 2 days in Hershey. Beautiful. I got to experience a little bit of everything and see some amazing sights. Conveniently, the Chocolate Tour lets off its passengers right in the middle of the Gift Shop. I took the opportunity to pick up some of Hershey's new products (York Peppermint Pieces, oh yum) for the ride home. I took one last look around and then, just like that, my vacation came to a close.

If you're ever in the area, you should try doing the Pennsylvania Triangle. I always say that simple joys are the best experiences and I would describe this trip as "simply joyous."

Now, on to Cape Cod. Wow. I love my life. :)

"Let all those that seek thee rejoice
and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation
say continually,
'Let God be magnified.'"

~Psalm 70:4