October 12, 2010

Richter's Orchards

It's beginning to look a lot like...


With all of the pumpkins and faux spider webs popping up in the neighborhood, I suddenly found myself with an extreme craving for an autumnal favorite, MULLED CIDER! I quickly made the ride over to Richter's Orchards. It's a charming place with its narrow, winding driveway, its groves of fruit-bearing trees, its ramshackle tractor, and, of course, its seemingly endless supply of local apples and cider. I bought a gallon of cider, a package of mulling spices, and a bundle of Red Delicious apples. On the way home, the bag tipped over causing an avalanche of fruit from my back seat that continued to tumble around on the floor for the length of the drive. Luckily for me, the plastic cider bottle didn't explode on impact. :D

Back at home, my mouth watered as the cider bubbled and steamed on the stove top, the scent of mulling spices wafting through the air making the house smell heavenly. I anxiously poured the spicy elixir into my mug and sipped--Ah, a draught of warm autumn, golden chrysanthemums blossoming in my chest; it was like drinking a blessed vessel of "Home for the Holidays." :)

May this day be the apple of your eye!

"I came that you may have and enjoy life
and have it in abundance, until it overflows."

~John 10:10