October 10, 2010

White Post Farm Fall Festival

As I glance at the wall in front of me, the calendar there declares that it is "October." While we can all agree that it is definitely autumn here in NY, this weekend's weather thus far has felt more akin to ideal beach fare. I guess this qualifies as an "Indian Summer." On Saturday, with the sun shining bright and no crunchy leaves anywhere to be found, I headed out to White Post Farm for their annual Fall Festival.

Now, as far as Fall Festivals are concerned, White Post Farm does an incredible job. Upon entering the grounds, one comes to the "Welcome Stage." This is where a cowboy emcee named Sheriff Buddy Flip greets guests and announces all of the day's events; beyond this point lies an entire corn maze of activities. First, a patch of pumpkins of all shapes stretches across an area the size of a football field. Along the right side of the field is a row of booths selling fresh baked pies, handcrafted jellies, cookies, chrysanthemums, harvest decorations, roasted local corn, as well as booths where children can paint pumpkins and "play in the hay."

Next on the itinerary is White Post's Animal Farm & Hand Feeding area. Here, I met Lemurs and Spider Monkeys, Llamas and Zebras, Deer, Cockatoos, Rams, and, my favorite creature of the White Post menagerie, the Dromedary Camel. For a few dollars, I purchased a bucket of pellets that I was able to feed to the animals a handful at a time. This part of the Festival also gives pony rides.

As I continued to walk through this huge farm complex, passing wooden playgrounds and picnic areas, I came across a development of miniature houses. Each structure is no bigger than the average backyard shed and is complete with a picket fence and shrubberies. This delightful scene instantly made me smile.

The next festival feature is the Sing Along Hayride. It is a relaxing, tractor-drawn trip along a path through tall corn stalks that passes haunted houses and giant spiders. All the while, a speaker system serenades the riders with campfire songs. Yee-ha!

Toward the rear of the farm is the area where all of the performances take place. There are stages set up for clown shows, autumnal games, singing chicken acts, an animal band jamboree, though I think I most enjoyed the Pork Chop Revue (a pig/hog show). I was completely sold when I saw a pig in sunglasses sing "Old MacDonald." Overall, the White Post Farm Fall Festival offers a fun day! I like to go every year; it's a great start to the season...

"He has showed you, O man, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God."

~Micah 6:8