December 20, 2010

Let There Be Light!

One of my favorite things to do at this time of year is to simply drive through the neighborhoods to view all of the colorful lights that people put up. It makes me feel very warm inside when I turn on to a block that is well lit. I absolutely love it when I come across a house that has been decorated from top to bottom with holiday joy. What a great expression of Christmas Spirit!

In the town of Bayport at a place called Camp Edey, the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County have been hosting their Annual Lights Show for the last seven years. It is a drive-through display of beautifully sculpted Christmas lights. On both sides of the car, twinkling lights illuminate the woods with the theme changing every few yards. There are candy canes and gingerbread men, toy stores and tunnels, even the Empire State Building. To prepare for December, the Girl Scouts and volunteers begin setting up in October and use over ten miles of lights. Admission into the event is $12 per carload and the line to get in usually extends out of the camp and down the highway for miles. All of the proceeds from the show go to Girl Scout programs and outreach services.

At about this same time last year, I heard the announcement for Brookhaven Brite Nites on the radio. I was soon in my car with Handel's "Messiah" playing on the CD player and a few iced sugar cookies in a bag on the dashboard. It was a similar kind of display to the Girl Scouts' and I turned off my headlights to follow the winding road through the world of vivid lights. It had snowed the day before and the colors shimmered on the fresh blanket of white. It was enchanting; perfect for a crisp December evening. Hope you enjoy these photos. May the wonder of Christmas settle deep into your heart, filling you with its tidings of comfort and joy!

Let it glow. Let it glow. Let it glow...

"The Lord directs the steps of the godly.
He delights in every detail of their lives."

~Psalm 37:23