December 30, 2010

Northern Dreams for Next Year

My week off from work so far has been mostly about cleaning the house. The blizzard we had on the 26th has kept me indoors and I thought it the perfect way to use the time wisely. I've been slowly taking down the Christmas decorations and cleaning each room thoroughly. I've gotten rid of a lot of clutter and it feels great. I'll take down the Christmas tree tomorrow and then the house will be completely fresh. Good way to start 2011...

So, do you make New Years resolutions? I sort of do. I approach them like a wish list of things that I would like to accomplish within the year. Mine are never of the "Lose weight" or "Save money" type; they're usually the "Learn another language" or "Try scuba diving" sort. I also start mapping out my summer travel plans at this time of year. I'm looking into a June road trip that will take me to Vermont and then up to Montreal. I picture a few days in Vermont at a cozy log cabin on a secluded lake; rising to the sounds of nature just beyond the door; taking early hikes, stopping to spot bird nests on the boughs of high trees or look for tracks made by scurrying woodland creatures; paddling a canoe into the middle of the lake and having a private lunch while trout breach the water's surface all around leaving tiny ripples; sitting in the dewy grass beneath the evening stars breathing in the cool maple air. Then it would be north to explore Old Montreal, witness its vast Underground City, and experience all of the joie de vivre that this Quebec wonder has to offer. Ah yes! :)

Anyway, I had a wonderful Christmas. My favorite gift that I got this year is the Amazon Kindle. What a cool gadget! It will probably make books obsolete some day, but that is a good thing. No paper. No trees chopped down. I know that some people like to write in the margins of books and are against the whole idea of eReaders; however, the Kindle does allow one to do that digitally. I remember when the iPod first came out. I didn't think it could ever replace CDs, but now I don't know how I ever existed without my entire music catalog hanging from my belt at all times. I only buy CDs now for the purpose of ripping them into mp3s. Soon, I'll have my complete private library on a thin tablet in my backpack. That's technology...

My New Year's Eve will be kinda mellow. I have plans to go see Lazer Zeppelin at the Planetarium. Then, I'll do my annual struggle to stay up until the crystal ball drops in Times Square. 2011. Yee-ha. Cheers!!!

"Like newborn infants,
long for the spiritual milk,
that by it you may grow up
into salvation."

~1 Peter 2:2