January 5, 2011

College Days: Speech 101

Let me tell you a little bit about my college days. I attended a school called Five Towns College where I majored in Jazz/Commercial Music Performance. My focus instruments were guitar and voice. I earned my Associates Degree. It was always fun to be in a school dedicated to the arts. Music was always my favorite subject. Even throughout High School, I always leaned toward the creative classes: art, music, writing...

One story that pops into mind happened when I was in Speech class. There were about 25 students in the class and each one of us had to do a 30-minute oral presentation. Public speaking is a huge fear for many people and the class was nervous about the assignment. We drew numbers out of a hat to find out the order that people would give their speeches. I drew #23. The guy who drew #1 got really scared and begged the professor to let him draw another number. The professor said no, but would allow a trade if anyone else was interested. The guy got up in front of the room pleading for someone to trade with him. No one made a sound. I thought about it for a few moments and finally I said, "I'll trade with you." The guy was overjoyed.

Well, I'm a person who really has no fear of public speaking, in fact, I thrive on that kind of setting. When the first day of presentations rolled around, I was ready. The class was full and everyone was eager to see how the speeches would go. I had picked a great subject and I delivered my speech with flair. The entire class hung on my every word and the professor was very impressed. It felt wonderful and I got an A. Twenty-three days later, the guy I traded numbers with did his speech. By that point, the class was two-thirds empty and no one was paying any attention. I was so glad that I traded. :)

"Love the LORD your God
with all your heart and with all your soul
and with all your strength."

~Deuteronomy 6:5