February 19, 2011

Spring Forward

Well, the worst parts of my recovery are now behind me. My incision has pretty much healed and I am able to walk around without that intense pain, though I am still about 2 weeks away from any strenuous physical activities. At this point, my discomfort mostly stems from the healing of the nerve endings that were effected by the surgery. My lower abdomen is numb to the touch, yet I am getting a lot of phantom sensations that are really strange. Sometimes it feels as though the surface of my skin is burning. Sometimes it is a tingle like the flutter of butterfly wings over my stomach. Sometimes it's a shooting sting that feels like a laser beam blast to the gut. The doctor has told me that this is all normal and will go away in time. I was able to get out of the house a little bit yesterday. I took a walk around my block, but I got winded quickly and had to cut it short. I guess I'll have to work my way back to my former fitness level one step at a time. I do have some great motivation though. This past week, I researched and booked a trip to the Grand Canyon for Spring Break. I have exactly two months to recondition my body for a rugged Arizona adventure, which should be plenty of time.

I'm really looking forward to this journey and it has me reminiscing about the road trip I took last spring to the mountains. In the first weekend of April of 2010, as the weather was starting to turn spring-like with sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s, I decided to seize the opportunity and go to the Adirondacks. I grabbed my Timberlands and my sunglasses, packed a bottle of Gatorade and some clothes in a duffel bag, and I was soon on the road. Let me say that I love driving on the New York State Thruway. It always reminds me of so many great trips that I've taken and it has the coolest rest stops. I cruised with the windows open, Led Zeppelin cranked on the CD player, and watched as the scenery transformed from urban to mountainous. Most of my time was spent exploring--traveling on dirt roads and taking in panoramic postcard vistas, espying tiny log cabins tucked into mountainsides or listening to the gentle rushing of water in some crystal-clear stream. My camera was always at hand and I would stop frequently, whenever some dilapidated barn or calm pond of waterfowl would catch my eye. Mostly, I just enjoyed the freedom and the blue skies, the fresh air and the warmth.

I made many other stops on this trip, but I will address those places in the series of posts to follow. This weekend, may sunshine illuminate your soul with its radiant grace. Love & light…

"Yet to all who receive him,
to all who believe in his name,
he gave the right to become
children of God."

~John 1:12