June 18, 2011

John P. Humes Japanese Stroll Garden

I want to share with you a place I recently discovered nearby my home called the John P. Humes Japanese Stroll Garden.

The garden is located in Mill Neck, NY and is a 4-acre site of sloping woodlands, immaculately manicured paths, and a vast collection of exotic plants and shrubs. The garden utilizes several design concepts and evokes the sensations of transcendence and serenity. The paths are set up to give the walker a slow, non-linear experience featuring many lovely vignettes and places to sit and just relax. There are several wooden bridges that span babbling brooks, as well as stone lanterns, wooden arches, waterfalls, and gardens of bamboo and mosses. The wonderful balance of textures and elements creates a most peaceful state of mind. This is clearly a place to take one's time.

At one point, I came across the Japanese tea house. I had brought a bagged lunch with me and I found it to be a perfect location to have a picnic. At the center of the grounds is a koi pond. Sensing my presence, the koi came right up to the water's edge with their mouths opened wide. I can best describe their movements as an aquatic ballet, all watery pirouettes and graceful gestures. There are frogs that lounge around the pond and the sounds they make are otherworldly. It's just a marvelous place.

I hear that they have shakuhachi players and art shows that come to perform at the garden every now and then, so I definitely have plans to go back in the future.

May your day be a haven of calmness and clarity!

“For God is not the author of confusion,
but of peace.”

~1 Corinthians 14:33