June 26, 2011

Yardwork Weekend

After an entire week of being sick (strep throat on top of a sinus infection), I decided to take advantage of the nice weather that was being forecast for the weekend and get out of the house for a little bit of fresh air. I started my Saturday morning off with a trip to Sweetbriar Nature Center. I always love to walk through their nature preserve. All woodlands and wildlife. It is a place that I come to often in the warm weather months. 

However, for this visit, my eye was most attracted to the maze of gardens that are planted next to the main building. I strolled on green paths lined on both sides with herb gardens adorned with birdhouses and sundials, through vine-covered trellises, passing gazebos set amid patches of wildflowers, stopping every now and then to sit on one of the park benches that they have set up in shaded spots. These gardens are immaculate and it felt so good to be around them. I spend another half hour in the preserve and that was all I needed. I was inspired!

I went back home and started inspecting my own yard for areas that need improvement. One of the ugliest spots has long been the space along the side of the house where I keep the garbage cans--always overgrown with weeds and a troika of horrible bushes that have been in there for decades. I decided immediately that tackling the garbage area would be my weekend project and I grabbed my gloves and tools. It took me the rest of Saturday to remove the three shrubs, as their stumps were deeply rooted and put up a terrible fight. On Sunday, I got out early and gathered up a bunch of loose bricks that I had piled beside the shed in the back yard. I spent the day in the sun, laying a sort of brick patio for the garbage cans between the sidewalk and the foundation of the house. I think it came out good. Perhaps it is not as straight and level as the work of a professional mason, however, my work fixed the problem and I feel really good about having done something constructive with my hands. The side of my house is now nice and clean.

After my yard project was all wrapped up, I took my first ride of the season to Sunken Meadow Beach. It felt wonderful to sink my toes into the hot sand again and to hear the familiar sound of the waves caressing the shoreline. I ran directly to the water and jumped in. It was cold and shocking at first, but soon became refreshing and comfortable. For the rest of the afternoon, I lingered in the surf, allowing the salt air to relax my mind and muscles. This was a great weekend. Life is good...

"He leads the humble in doing right,
teaching them his way."

~Psalm 25:9