August 17, 2011

Due North; Day 7: Tiki Finale

Friday, July 15, 2011: The last day of this trip began with a visit to a strange and rather lacklustre amusement park called the Magic Forest. From the street, it looks like a great place, with a sparkling Ferris wheel looming above the trees, but one lap around the interior reveals dilapidated buildings, outdated rides that creak when in use, decaying picnic tables covered with dirt; this park even has a chapel, which I though to be an extremely weird feature for a theme park. The entire park is also peppered with statues that are a combination of ugly and creepy. The grounds also have a recurring Christmas motif, leaving me to wonder who would go to an outdoor amusement park in Upstate New York in late-December. All of the employees that I encountered seemed really aloof and bored, which didn't add to the charm of the place at all. Though, I can't say that it was a complete waste of time, I did enjoy the magic performance and a few of the rides were fun. It was good for about two hours worth of entertainment, but if you're ever in the Lake George area and want to go to an amusement park, I recommend that you skip the Magic Forest and go to Six Flags.

Probably the best highlight of the park is the Snow White exhibit. Created by Disney for the 1939 New York World's Fair, these one-of-a-kind animations are classic.

The day quickly picked up when I arrived at Around the World Mini Golf. This course is very well done with each hole representing a different country or place: China, Mexico, Japan, Germany, Australia, the Pyramids of Giza, the Taj Mahal, etc. One funny moment arrived when I caught an older gentleman as he was tripping over the Matterhorn; we both ended up tumbling to the ground, but at least it was a soft landing and we got a good chuckle out of it.

Next, I went into Lake George Village to do a little shopping on its strip of novelty stores. I bought a few shirts, a cap, and a magnet. I try to pick up a magnet everywhere I go. My refrigerator door presently looks like this:

I was quite surprised when a seven-foot tall Frankenstein monster strolled up to my side to greet me. I soon realized that I was standing in front of the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum. It looked cool so I decided to take a walk through. Dark hallways, classic horror scenes, scary music and noises, things popping out of the walls--it has a real Haunted House atmosphere and I got startled more than a few times. :)

From there, I went back to the Tahoe where I would spend the rest of the afternoon soaking in the sun and dipping into the beautiful waters of Lake George.

To wrap up my last night in Lake George, I went to the Waikiki Club at the Tiki Resort for a Polynesian dinner/theater show. Grass skirts, colorful leis, hula girls, fire swallowing acts, tropical drinks, southern pacific food--this show had all the ingredients to make a fun-filled Hawaiian evening. The best part came when one of the girls pulled me up on to the stage and I got the chance to shake my booty for the audience. Perfect ending to a great trip. An absolute blast! Aloha!

"Your beauty
should not come from outward adornment,
such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry
and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self,
the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit,
which is of great worth in God's sight."

~1 Peter 3:3-4