October 29, 2011

Best Witches for a Boo-tiful Weekend!

Ah, Hallowe'en weekend! So much spooky fun. Today, I am going to spend the morning creating my Jack O' Lantern for the front doorstep. I picked up a new set of carving tools and I'm going to attempt a different kind of design this time out. I've always leaned toward the classic triangular eyes/nose with jagged mouth look, so this should be a fun change.

Every Hallowe'en night, I go to a most amazing party. Thousands of people show up to this event and it ends up taking over an entire block. The host spends months dressing up his entire lawn as an elaborate graveyard with animated ghosts and ghouls in every window of his house. An over-sized carport in the driveway acts as a walk-through haunted house with lots of creepy features and effects. A pair of sawhorses gets set up at the end of the street and cars line up for miles to stop in front of the house where a crew of excellently-costumed monsters converge to attack the cars. Freddy Krueger taps his metallic fingernails on a passenger side window as the girl in the seat cracks a nervous grin. A giant, 10-foot stilted creature reaches down through a sunroof to startle an unsuspecting couple. Leatherface chases a group of screaming kids into a neighbor's back yard, revving his chainsaw (no chains, of course). Every year, this party is an absolute blast. It really scares up the fun. May your Hallowe'en also be fang-tastic! Cheers!!! :D

"The lions may grow weak and hungry,
but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing."

~Psalm 34:10