October 2, 2011

Cape Cod, Day 1: "Anchors Aweigh!"

August 2, 2010: As I took the Bourne bridge over the canal and into the traffic rotary, passing by the huge hedgerow that reads Cape Cod, I could sense that my wheels were touching down in a different world. This was a place of refreshing oceans breezes and salty sea air. A place of hermit crabs, sandcastles, and fireflies. A place of timeless comfort and nautical romance, with 15 yesteryear towns stretching from mainland Massachusetts across the familiar arm-shaped peninsula to the distant tip of Cape Cod.

While making my way to the hotel in Hyannis for an afternoon check in, I decided to make a quick stop at the Glass Museum in Sandwich, MA. As the checkered flag appeared on the GPS screen, I wondered to myself just how much fun a glass museum would really have to offer. My doubts would soon be dashed as I discovered a place of fabulous glass art displays. One really wonderful highlight is called the "Hannah Rebecca Burgess Dining Room." In this room, the ghost of Mrs. Burgess appears at the opposite end of a dimly-lit table. She goes on to illuminate and explain the fine glassware that she uses in her Victorian setting. It is fascinating and very well done. Another awesome feature is the glassblowing demonstration which takes place at the museum's internal furnace. I was amazed at the skill of the glassblower, creating a beautifully-detailed vase out of glowing blob of molten glass.

Next, I was off to the town of Dennis to experience one of Cape Cod Bay's world-renowned beaches. The afternoon sea air crept into my soul as I walked barefoot on the powdery sands. A rock wall stretches out into the bay where I discovered all kinds of aquatic creatures. The protection of the peninsula on the bay beaches tends to make the water calm and clear and I was content to simply float in a tranquil surf for a few hours. It is a very nice beach.

As the afternoon began to wane, I headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up. I must say that for a bargain rate, the International Inn of Cape Cod has some great amenities: dual-headed shower, whirlpool bath, cremesicle-scented toiletries, a restaurant called the Copper Chimney with a wonderful continental breakfast spread. Needless to say, I was very happy with the accommodations.

I would spend the rest of the evening walking Hyannis. It is a lively town full of novelty stores, restaurants, homemade ice cream shops, karoake bars, arcades, carousels, mini golf courses. The streets remain active well into the night (even on a Monday) with lots of people milling about and shopping. In one store, I bought a cool votive candle holder that I've dubbed "Sharky."

"O Lord, deliver my soul:
oh save me for thy mercies' sake."

~Psalm 6:4