February 4, 2012

Long Island Brass Guild

For the second Sunday in a row, I made my way over to the public library to see an afternoon show. This time, it was a performance by the Long Island Brass Guild. Formed in 1974, this ensemble features trumpets, trombones, french horn, euphonium, tuba, and percussion.

In front of a nearly-packed house, the performers came into the room one at a time, each playing a few bars of melody until the next instrument would appear through the doorway and take it over. It was a wonderful entrance. The group would go on to play through two sets of music that ranged from Renaissance to Ragtime and included pieces by Gustav Holst and J. S. Bach. One of my favorite moments of the performance came during the improvisations in a bluegrass song called "Blue Goose." The trumpet solos ripped. Though, I mostly enjoyed the tone of the tuba. Back in Elementary School, it was the first instrument that I ever learned to play and its deep tone has a way of really resonating in my chest.

After the performance concluded and I was heading for the exit, I noticed several paintings hanging in a corridor near the stairwell. I decided to take a closer look and I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the images that I found there. As I was looking over the pieces, a gentleman approached me and introduced himself as the artist. Jim Scovel--an 81-year-old retired journalist who now takes great joy in capturing the world around him with paints. I really like both his story and his art. This was another excellent day at the library, to be sure. May your weekend be as inspiring. Love and light...

"Whoever does not love does not know God,
because God is love."

~1 John 4:8