June 15, 2012

A Good Likeness

Today, I received what I consider to be a huge compliment. One that certainly means the world to me. Let me begin with some of the back story. For the last year, I've become quite involved with functions at the elementary school. I've chaperoned field trips, given magic shows, read books, made gingerbread houses at Christmastime, and attended various other events. Just last week, I went to the 3rd Grade recorder concert. I must say, the sound of about 100 kids playing "Hot Cross Buns" in unison is definitely an experience worthy of a big grin. After the recital, everyone was invited back to the classroom for a poetry reading. I enjoyed listening to the words of these young poets, many of which were very good. The teacher asked if I would like to perform something to close out the reading. I decided that I would do a Shel Silverstein poem called "Smart." Luckily, I had my camcorder with me and I caught it on video. You can watch it HERE. Seeing this clip always makes me smile. Kids are so funny.

This morning, I went to the school again for a Rainforest Tour. The kids had put in a lot of effort to transform their classroom into an ecological experience. As I walked around beneath the canopy of Kapok Trees, I learned about Spectacled Bears and Capuchin Monkeys, Keel-Billed Toucans, Poison Dart Frogs, Jaguars, Three-Toed Sloths, and Green Anacondas. I really enjoyed the kids' presentation and their enthusiasm was boundless.

Anyway, as I was entering the school this morning, the attendant at the door (a lady I've met many times) said excitedly to me, "There's a picture of you hanging up in the office window." She proceeded to lead me down the hallway to the office where a drawing of a bald weightlifter with a handle bar mustache was hanging in the window. "The kids were inspired by you to make that," the attendant informed me. Above his head, the caption: Exercise your ability to be the best you.

To have a group of kids use their artistic skills to put up a likeness of me in their school and with the words that they selected to go with it -- I take it as a great honor. While the thought of me lifting a 100-pound dumbbell with one arm might be a bit of a stretch, the sentiment is completely honest and fun. This is one compliment that I will never forget. :)

"Do not pervert
justice or show partiality.
Do not accept a bribe,
for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise
and twists the words of the innocent. 
Follow justice and justice alone,
so that you may live and possess the land
the Lord your God is giving you."

~Deuteronomy 16:19-20