June 23, 2012

Northport Artwalk 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012: At 1:00, hundreds of people converged on the tiny harbor town of Northport Village for the Northport Artwalk 2012. The event stretched from the pier and waterside park (with its grand white gazebo) up through Main Street. It's kind of funny -- I've visited Northport Village countless times in my life, but I still manage to see new things every time I go there. This time it was the pineapples that adorn the tops of many of the buildings. I would later learn that these pineapples are a symbol of hospitality and are placed up high to welcome ships into port.

For the Artwalk, I followed a map that led to many of the shops along Main Street. These businesses had opened their doors for the day to display the works of some local artists. Along with the map, a checklist was given out that was to be stamped by the artist at each stop. At the end of the tour, the checklist became a raffle entry for a free pair of tickets to a show at the John W. Engeman Theater for the Performing Arts. Although mine didn't get picked, I still thought the tour was great. As I walked the street, the route was dotted with plenty of street musicians and vendors. Balloons floated at the entrances of the participating places which included popular local landmarks such as the Caffe Portofino, LaMantia Gallery, and Copenhagen Bakery. I enjoyed looking at the artwork and it was cool that all of the artists were on hand to meet the people and talk about their pieces. I liked a lot of what I saw.

"Only by pride cometh contention:
but with the well advised
is wisdom."

~Proverbs 13:10