June 10, 2012

Opening Night!

Saturday, June 9, 2012: After almost two years of hard work, the time of the Avant Garden Poetry Amphitheatre had finally arrived. I knew that at 6:00pm, people would start showing up for the BBQ celebrations, however, the weather forecasts were calling for all-day severe thunderstorms. The sky had looked very gray and threatening all morning and, by 1:00, the clouds opened up in to a steady shower. The weather reports showed no break in the precipitation and I knew that more rain would saturate the ground making an outdoor party impossible. I thought about how unfortunate it would be to have to postpone the event; I had paid close attention to the poetry calendar and chose the date carefully so as not to conflict with other goings-on. I could find no other rain date in the near future that looked quite as auspicious. I was getting kinda bummed when it suddenly occurred to me -- God had called upon me to bring this into existence. This night belonged to Him. As I sat in the yard with the drizzle beading on my face and in my eyelashes, I prayed to God, asking for His will to be done. By 2:00, the sun was out and the skies were clear blue. There was not a cloud to be seen in the sky for the rest of the day.

Opening Night at the Avant Garden Poetry Amphitheatre was absolutely phenomenal! From the first hamburger, through the open mic and the "Whitman Sampler," and right down to the last toasted marshmallow at the fire pit, this was an evening of beautiful poetic energy and good vibrations. I have lots of video footage to edit and I will post some of the excerpts as soon as I can. For a little taste, click HERE. And now, here is the my first photograph of the Avant Garden Poetry Amphitheatre. Cheers!

"Be ye strong therefore,
and let not your hands be weak:
for your work shall be rewarded."

~2 Chronicles 15:7