August 21, 2012

Field Station: Dinosaurs

I can recall my very last day of Kindergarten. The teacher gave each child in the class a book; mine turned out to be all about dinosaurs. I can remember the awed feeling I would get as I leafed through the pages of that book looking at the drawings of these incredible creatures. Last Sunday, I was able to recapture a little bit of that amazed feeling; I took a ride to Secaucus, New Jersey to check out their newly-opened attraction called "Field Station: Dinosaurs." Upon arrival, I purchased a ticket (which folded into a passport to be stamped at various outposts) and walked on to the dusty paths that lead all around the complex. The park is sort of a prehistoric safari that takes visitors on a hike through five different areas: Base Camp, The Quarry, The Plateau, The Fire Pit, and The Lookout. Along the way, life-sized dinosaurs pop out of the landscape moving their limbs, swishing their tails, and roaring. The dinosaurs are finely-detailed and impressive. Species include Triceratops, Dilophosaurus, Velociraptor, Pteranodon, and Stegosaurus, with a few unusual creatures like the Pachycephalosaurus and the Quetzalcoatlus. Rambling through this epic menagerie, I really got a feel for what the world must have looked like in the way back. I was lucky to have picked a day that would be warm and sunny to make this trip. The setting was perfect and my snapshots came out looking great.

One of my favorite photographs is the one I took of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. On the distant horizon, behind the roaring T-Rex in his Cretaceous setting, one can make out the hazy silhouette of the Empire State Building and the New York skyline. I absolutely love the dichotomy of ancient and modern.

As the park isn't that big, it was good for about two hours worth of fun. Other than the animatronic dinosaur experience, Field Station: Dinosaurs has little more to offer. There are a few prehistoric-themed activities that aren't very exciting and not much of a food selection for lunch. I would have to say that admission price for this attraction is set a bit too high, but it was still a good way to pass a few hours. For a little while, I was a Kindergarten graduate again. Cheers!

"Do your best to present yourself to God
as one approved, a worker who does not need
to be ashamed and who correctly handles
the word of truth."

~2 Timothy 2:15