November 3, 2012

Unplugged (The Pioneer Days)

Well, after 5 days, the electricity in my neighborhood has finally been restored. I must say, Hurricane Sandy was every bit the impressive superstorm that it was foreordained to be. It was definitely one for the ages. The winds were intense. Walking around the streets the morning after with all of the downed trees and snapped power lines was a surreal experience. I was dumbfounded by what I was seeing. I won't relay any catastrophe stories here as I'm sure everyone has heard plenty of those already, but I will say that my thoughts and prayers definitely go out to all of those people whose lives have been disrupted in the wake of the storm. It has been very uplifting to hear stories of how people act selflessly and help others in times of need. Removing broken tree limbs. Making simple repairs. Sharing food and supplies. Offering shelter to displaced families. That's a beautiful thing.

Of course, on the flip side of that coin, I've seen and heard about quite a bit of evil as well -- opportunistic price-gougers, "me-first" drivers racing through darkened intersections and causing accidents, robbers stalking powerless developments, fist fights breaking out and guns being drawn on crowded gas lines. Under regular circumstances, I would never glorify egoists by talking about them on my blog; I only mention them here and now so that I may denounce them while their stories are still pertinent. Such glaring acts of desperation are the mere folly of the godless. After all, anyone can be perceived as "kind" under favorable conditions, it takes depth of character to remain a good person when the entire world appears to be crumbling.

Anyway, at my house, the damage wasn't too bad and we've been able to make the most of our time without electricity. I admit, the unplugged pioneer life kinda suits me. I like roughing it. I've found that I can live quite comfortably without all of the electronic devices -- the cellphone, the computer, the BluRay, the Wii, the iPod. Instead, my family and I have been spending our nights playing card games and telling ghost stories by candlelight. We've had barbecues with friends and marshmallow roasts around the campfire. During those nights when I would normally sit in front of the TV, I've gotten the chance to practice my mandolin and focus on composing some music. I've got two new tunes. The aftermath of a devastating storm has made my life slow down for the moment and that has given me the chance to reevaluate things. It's been rather enlightening. Though, the biggest drawback for me in all of this was the ice cold showers. I can definitely pass on those. Other than that, I was really in no rush to get back to "normal." Love & light...

"Rejoice in hope,
be patient in tribulation,
be constant in prayer."

~Romans 12:12