January 26, 2013

Milling About Mills Pond

Every few months, while on my way home on one of those rare days when I get off from work at a early hour, I like to make a stop at the Mills Pond House Gallery to check out their latest art display. The old house is utilized by the Smithtown Township Arts Council to promote the arts through exhibits, events, and classes and has featured the works of artists from all over the nation. I love the fact that a place like this is so near to my job. It is located mere minutes away from the office. After a day of data entry, it's nice to have an artistic retreat right around the corner. To top it off, the showcases are always free to the public.

Through February 8, the Mills Pond House is hosting an exhibit called "The Ones That Got Away: Celebrating Long Island Artists." As I browsed around the gallery's four rooms, I saw quite a few works that I really liked, though, my favorite was a piece by one James Berger called "Jungle Eyes." It shows a tiger done in oil on canvas. I also noticed a great piece by Jim Scovel. I had met Jim at a library exhibit in early 2012; he's a good guy and it was nice to see his work again.

"Jungle Eyes"
James Berger

"Cranes Neck"
Vivian Gattuso

"Dreams of Glory"
Jim Scovel

"Bridge In Springtime"
Judy Liu

"Tomorrow Le Cirque"
j. lefsky

"Old Point at St. Michaels"
Michael Kutzing

"Turbans, Mermaid, and Rose"
Shawn Sullivan

Arntian Kotsa

Joe Miller

On Fridays, the Mills Pond House also has an evening of "Jazz In the Living Room." I really wanted to go last night, but, looking at the snowflakes through my window, I thought better of the whole idea. I'll catch it the next time. Instead, I worked on a little bit of poetry. I ended up with what I hope is a pretty good piece. May your weekend be pure delight. Cheers!

"The heart of the wise inclines to the right,
but the heart of the fool to the left."

~Ecclesiastes 10:2