March 1, 2013

Les Trois Femmes & Paumanok II

Last Sunday, I had a delightful day with the arts. In the early afternoon, I went out to the Huntington Library to have "an intimate chamber music experience" with classical ensemble, Les Trois Femmes. The group features three ladies -- Ann Zalkind (piano), Nadine Scharman (flute), and, my dear friend, Tara Kavanagh (voice). I have known Tara for several years now and she is an amazing opera singer. During the summer of 2012, she graced the stage at the Avant Garden Poetry Amphitheatre with a solo performance that was incredible. She sang a few french songs accompanied by accordion that just whisked my imagination off to some Parisian Lounge overlooking the Seine. I also had the pleasure of performing with her on a few songs. She does things with her voice that just astonish me. For the Library show, Les Trois Femmes slipped comfortably into the era of Impressionism featuring music by such composers as Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy, as well as some poetry from the period and a Monet-esque backdrop for the stage that really set the proper mood. The blending of piano, flute, and voice and the selection of pieces works perfectly. 

Immediately after the library, I went straight to the Walt Whitman Birthplace for a book launch celebration hosted by another of my dear friends, Kathaleen Donnelly. Her latest piece of work is an anthology of poetry and photographs done by Long Islanders called "Paumanok II: Interwoven." It is a beautiful publication and I am honored to be included in it. The event was very well-attended.

I also wanted to take a moment to say that my first acting lesson was a total blast! We did several kinds of acting exercises and ended the night with a little bit of improv (which I loved). It was very inspiring and I really felt as though I was in my element. Fun group of actors. The jokes were non-stop. Class #1 was an excellent experience. Love & light...

"Blessed is that man
that maketh the Lord his trust,
and respecteth not the proud,
nor such as turn aside to lies."

~Psalm 40:4