May 16, 2013

Different Stages

After ten weeks of vigorous actor training (with all kinds of believability exercises and script studies) under instructor Jeff Bennett, the efforts of the class finally culminated with a performance in the Bare Bones Theater Company's "Spring Showcase 2013." I was very excited going into it because I had seen the growth in each of our actors and I couldn't wait to see the whole thing in action. After tickets were announced for the event, the box office sold out with in the matter of about a day and a half. 

I had the honor of doing a comedic scene with Lois Morton in which I got to portray a somewhat goofy detective. The piece was called "Chocolate," a short play written by Frederick Stroppel. I had never done comedy in the past and I must say that it is a very gratifying experience to be able to make an audience laugh. It was a good time. You can see the video footage of it by clicking HERE. On the whole, the night was excellent and everything came together very smoothly. I enjoyed it all so much, though I am a little bit crestfallen at the moment over the fact that there won't be another class to attend next Monday. At this point, I'm quite sure that acting is something that I would like to pursue further. I'm going to start looking into auditions for parts at local theaters and see what happens.

On Tuesday, I got to enjoy the arts a little more at my son's 4th Grade Band Concert. He's doing very well with his clarinet and he's thinking about taking up the saxophone next year. I would love to see that happen. I'm in the process of writing a few simple pieces of music that I can play along with him on the guitar. And speaking of guitar, I bought a new one this week. Ibanez Artcore. Hollow body electric. Beautiful finish. Very jazzy tone. I've always wanted an instrument like this and the price was just right. Overall, this has been a very satisfying week. I'm happy. Hope you are too. Love & light...

"Many are the woes of the wicked,
but the Lord's unfailing love surrounds the man
who trusts in him."

~ Psalm 32:10