April 7, 2014

Pear-Scented Weekend

With both days being sunny and fairly warm, this past weekend was a great one to get out of the house and do some fun things. I started off Saturday morning with a trip through the car wash to rinse all of the winter salts from the fenders. It's a nice feeling to be cruising around town in a sparkling, newly-vacuumed vehicle. I hung a pear-scented air freshener from my rear view; the crisp fragrance really matched my mood nicely. From the car wash, I only had to cross the street to go to the Bowling Alley. I rolled only one game which yielded a pair of strikes and a handful of spares. It tallied up to a score of 165. Not too bad for me. I had a good time and will probably go again sometime soon.

After lunch, I took a drive over to Crab Meadow Beach for the year's first walk on the shore. It's was windy by the water, but the day was so sunny and bright that I didn't mind at all. No one else was around and my only company was the seagulls resting on a nearby sand bar. It was a beautiful scene and the sound of the waves caressing the beach was soothing. On Sunday, I would go to church in the morning and then spend the rest of the day in the yard doing a little clean up. Overall, a very delightful weekend. For the rest of the week now, every time I get into my car and smell the pears, it will be a little reminder that life is good.

There's one other thing that happened last week on April Fool's Day that definitely deserves mentioning here. Imagine my surprise when I walked into work and found every person in the building wearing a fake handlebar mustache. Ha! As jokes go, that one was definitely a classic!

"But if we walk in the light,
as he is in the light,
we have fellowship one with another,
and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son
cleanseth us from all sin."

~1 John 1:7