February 14, 2015

"Cross Words" on iTunes

Happy Valentine's Day! Wishing you a special day of love! Well, I said I would have a surprise and here it is. My 4th spoken word/music EP is scheduled to drop on iTunes at some point today (hopefully, it will). This one is called "Cross Words." On this one, the spoken word parts are some of the parables of Jesus Christ as written in the King James Bible. It is my sincerest hope that my work here brings honor to the Lord. To God be the glory. For the musical accompaniments, I decided to take the listener on a slightly avant-garde journey. Recording this EP was a labor of love, so what better day for release than Valentine's Day! I need to send out special thanks to my dear friend John Tabacco for his invaluable help during the mixing and mastering process for this recording. Thanks also go out to my good friend Marquis McCheever for doing a voice over on one of the tracks. As I promised many people that I would return to live performance this year, it might take a little longer for me to put out EP #5. I want to put in the time to come up with a really good show. Anyway, here is the album cover and track listing for "Cross Words." Cheers!

1. Luke 10:25-37, “The Good Samaritan”
2. Mark 13:34-37, “Watch”
3. Matthew 18:1-4, “Greatest In the Kingdom”
4. Matthew 5:14-17, “The Christian Light”
5. Matthew 7:24-27, “The Wise Builder”